3 ways to upskill your front-line sales team

customer service at leisure centre

3 ways to upskill your front-line sales team

Want a simple way to improve the customer experience at your front desk? Training your team to be point of sale experts – and customising your point of sale software to suit your employees’ and customers’ needs – can make your business more efficient and productive.

After all, your front desk staff are the face of your leisure centre, so it makes sense to help them deliver the best possible experience for every visitor!

Here are our best tips and techniques to train your staff to feel confident using your point of sale software.

Tip 1 – Create a painless experience

There’s nothing more stressful for your front desk team than a long line of impatient, even frustrated customers.

Customising your point of sale screen layout can help eliminate staff stress and make customer transactions seamless. To achieve this, Centaman offers you full control on the configuration of your point of sale screen, so you can ensure everything is set up in a way that is intuitive for the user and makes sense for your business.

To deliver consistently smooth customer service, we recommend customising your Centaman point of sale screen to follow a ‘two click’ approach. That means you should be able to enter an item without a barcode in a maximum of two clicks/touch.

Tip 2 – Cut down on the number of steps

How can you help your employees feel at ease with your point of sale? Make sure your system is super easy to learn.

To increase your team’s confidence, ensure your point of sale screen follows a similar format and order as your price list, to make navigation a breeze.

Don’t miss sale on hold and sale recall. These nifty features are built into Centaman’s point of sale, and can give your team more flexibility when serving customers. Be sure to show staff how to make the most of these features.

Tip 3 – Make cash handling transparent

To protect your business, it’s important to train your team on all aspects of cash handling including start of day procedures, recording cash drops and closing off the till. Make sure you including information on how to responsibly handle cash your staff will be prepared for almost any cash handling situation.

Centaman’s point of sale makes cash handling easier by making all transactions completely transparent and trackable. All staff are held accountable with a unique security sign in pin code, automatic sign out and a staff lockout screen to ensure only authorised team members can access your system.

These are just some of the helpful point of sale tips available from Centaman. For friendly advice and information on how we can help you, please feel free to contact us directly.