Centaman’s Online Solutions

Centaman’s Online Solutions

In a day and age where everything we do is online, it’s so important to provide more digital experiences for your members and streamline your business operations.

The good news is, Centaman has a bunch of online modules to help give your members the seamless experience they crave. These modules are designed to ‘snap in’ to Centaman’s web framework and act as an extension of the functionality of the corresponding desktop solution via a standard internet browser. Since all of the online modules are hosted by Centaman, they still look and feels exactly like your own website, so it’s a seamless and on-brand experience for your customers. What’s not to love?

Here’s a round up of all the online modules available in Centaman:

Centaman e-Pass Module

Centaman’s ePass module allows both your new and existing members to pre-purchase and register their membership online.

For existing members, it gives them an easy way to manage their details and renew their membership since their details, including transaction information, automatically update in your Centaman system. It’s a touchless process, meaning your staff don’t need to be involved.

From Centaman, you can send an automated prompt to your members that links them to the ePass module and reminds them to renew their membership before it expires. All they need to do is click the link and log in, select “renew”. If they need to, they can also pay upfront for any outstanding payments.

For new members, all they need to do is click the “join” button in your website. Then they just need to register online by selecting the membership type they’d like, pay through the module and finally receive a temporary pass. When they visit your facility for the first time, all they need to do is bring the temporary pass in with them so they can receive their official membership card or wristband from reception.

Your members can also choose to purchase a family membership, and choose different packages and membership types within that family membership. For example, your member may love the group fitness classes you have on offer, so they choose your 6-month membership option. Their kids on the other hand love swimming lessons during the summer holidays on a more casual basis. With this in mind, your member can choose a ten-class swimming pass for their kids within the one account so it can all be billed in one place. Memberships can all be managed from the one account as long as your member has an account themselves – they can add their spouse or children on to it from here so everything can be managed from the one place.

Centaman e-Enrol Module

The Centaman eEnrol module gives your members an easy way to register for programs and other classes over the web. With the database configured and setup for online access, customers can login securely, edit their own details, search for available courses by date, time and skill level and then register themselves or their children into the course all in real time.

All of your courses can be easily made available online through the administration module and everything is updated in real time with no changes to the website required. The module supports online credit card payment and generates a receipt and confirmation email.

One common concern is parents signing their children up (and paying) for a course that is too advanced for them. With eEnrol you can opt for parents to only pay for outstanding amounts for the classes as opposed to selecting classes for enrolment. This will prevent any person who is just a beginner from showing up at an advanced class. Trust us, it will put your mind at ease!

eEnrol won’t just enable you to take enrolments for current courses and programs – it can also take pre-enrolments so that you can gauge the level of interest in your course. Do you have a new swim program running over the summer and want to know how many attendees you can expect? Pre-enrolments will allow you to estimate numbers well before the course kicks off, giving you plenty of time to organise your coaches.

Centaman e-Timed Booking Sessions

This module is especially useful during our new-normal thanks to Covid-19. It allows members to register online for classes, programs or sessions and pay for the booking. However, it operates on time and capacity functionality. Once a class or program has reached it’s set capacity for that time slot, that class will be unable to be booked until the next available time slot with spare capacity.

For example, a gym may offer a 10am session that has a 100 person capacity limit. If that limit is reached upon booking, a member will have to wait and book the 11am session if it hasn’t yet reached its capacity. This is essential in helping your facility keep track of your capacity with Covid-19 restrictions, and helps with contact tracing.

Centaman e-Resource Module

Centaman gives you the power to book your resources out to members or external parties to help you maximise your facility’s usage. It streamlines the whole booking process for you! It allows both current members or external guests the ability to select resources, like your courts or swimming lanes, and check on their availability before contacting your staff to finalise the booking.

eResource helps maintain booking control and eliminates bottlenecks in checking and rechecking availability via the phone or face to face. It enables you to send booking confirmations, invoices or invoice requests to ensure everything is simple and paperless for both your recreation centre and your member.

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