How to use automation to enhance the customer experience

personal trainer helping gym member with automated gym software

How to use automation to enhance the customer experience

Want to streamline communication with your customers and improve the member experience? Automation is an excellent place to start.

Here at Centaman, we believe that technology shouldn’t about taking away the human interaction. It’s about smoothing out the day-to-day operation of your leisure centre so you can focus on improving relationships with customers.

So what are the most effective ways to use automation in a leisure centre?

Increase patron retention

When your team gets busy, it can become all too easy to let the nitty gritty but important tasks fall by the wayside. Small things, like forgetting to remind customers to renew their membership before it expires, can have a significant impact on your business’ bottom line in the long-term. Setting up your software to follow up automatically can save your team time and prevent you from losing crucial revenue.

Automation can also help you manage a swim school efficiently. If you have a busy swim school, you can use SMS and email to keep customers in the loop about upcoming events, and send letters and enrolment confirmations automatically. Enrol families and students into multiple courses with one easy transaction, and automatically let them know about class dates by email or SMS. By integrating your email marketing and SMS, you can create seamless communication with customers across your entire leisure centre.

Offer convenience for staff and customers

There are many ways you can make visiting your leisure centre as convenient and enjoyable as possible. Let customers enjoy the experience without needing to think about payment each time with automatic debits. They can even manage their membership online, with the changes they request applied in real-time. Customers can also automatically receive receipts by email when they purchase items from the point of sale in your centre.

Automation can increase productivity and ease the burden on staff by streamlining their workflow. With Centaman, you can save time by automatically scheduling resource hire for a particular room, pool or equipment. Flexible reporting software lets you understand how customers are engaging with your leisure centre on a broad level, with the ability to drill down to precise details. These reports can be automatically delivered to your inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.