Why Centaman is the perfect match for your recreation centres

Volley ball on court

Why Centaman is the perfect match for your recreation centres

Whether you have a top-of-the-line sports and recreation facility, or a humble centre with a court or two, one thing is for certain if you want a successful business: you need back-up. A helping hand that can help you maximise your efficiency and streamline how your members use the courts and equipment in your centre.

From investigating gaps in your booking schedule to chatting with your guests about their experience, there are many ways you can ensure your members are getting the most out of your facility. You can also find a perfect match in Centaman’s recreation centre software.

Manage resource bookings with ease

An efficient, fast and streamlined booking system will help you manage your resources – such as your indoor swimming pool or volleyball court – with absolute ease.

Centaman gives you the power to book your resources out to members or external parties to help you maximise your facility’s usage. It streamlines the whole booking process for you. It enables you to send booking confirmations, invoices or invoice requests to ensure everything is simple and paperless for both your recreation centre and your customer.

Stay on track with bookings

Imagine if you could be completely sure every time you make a resource booking that the promised follow-ups actually happen, and the appropriate next steps are taken.

Centaman’s correspondence feature helps you keep on top of items that need following up, actioning, or which need a staff member assigned to them. You won’t need to worry about the little things slipping people’s minds any longer.

Hire out your facility

Your recreation centre isn’t just for your members – external parties and non-members should be able to enjoy your facilities too, especially if you have a court to spare or regular vacancies. This is particularly useful for clubs in your local area, such as futsal or volleyball clubs, as it enables them to host clinics and workshops in your facility if they need the extra space.

If a non-member would like to book one of your facilities regularly in a particular time slot, you can use Centaman’s repeat pattern booking feature to reserve it for them on an ongoing basis. Depending on their invoicing needs, you can split the booking so they can be invoiced each month, rather than in one lump sum. This helps makes the invoicing process easier for all involved.

Run programs and events

Running programs and events is a great way to generate interest and awareness in the local area, and to help keep vacant spaces to a minimum. If you hold regular programs and events, or if a customer is hosting an event in your facility, the right technology can help you coordinate and manage everything from start to finish.

Centaman helps you run events smoothly, thanks to handy checklists and run sheets built into the software. This helps your staff and the event organisers stay on track and ultimately make the event a success. Centaman also makes enrolling customers in a program or event an absolute breeze, as you can enrol them in multiple events all in the one transaction.