E-enrol is on the horizon

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E-enrol is on the horizon

A new E-enrol tool is on the horizon that will help your swim school manage online course or program enrolments better than ever. E-enrol will be available in 2018, and will open gateways for swim schools to facilitate online sign-ups and payment for their courses. E-enrol is sure to be a valuable addition to your swim school software!

E-enrol for swim schools

E-enrol allows your guests to enrol themselves or their children in courses or programs online – and pay for them upfront too! Payment can be secured instantly, meaning your staff don’t have to chase up your customers. Your customers will be nice and happy too since they will know exactly how much they will need to pay from the very beginning.

One common concern is parents signing their children up (and paying) for a course that is too advanced for them. With E-enrol you can opt for parents to only pay for outstanding amounts for the classes as opposed to selecting classes for enrolment. This will prevent any person who is just a beginner from showing up at an advanced class. Trust us, it will put your mind at ease!

Pre-enrolments using E-enrol

E-enrol won’t just enable you to take enrolments for current courses and programs – it can also take pre-enrolments so that you can gauge the level of interest in your course.

Do you have a new swim program running over the summer and want to know how many attendees you can expect? Pre-enrolments will allow you to estimate numbers well before the course kicks off, giving you plenty of time to organise your coaches.

E-enrol for community centres

Swim schools aren’t the only ones who will benefit from E-enrol – if you run a community centre you will also be able to reap the rewards of having online sign-ups available for your range of activities, from computer courses to craft classes.

Using E-enrol, you can simply publish your course schedule online. Customers can then go through the different courses or programs on offer and sign-up then and there.

Like the sound of E-enrol and want to learn a little more about how it can supplement your community centre or swim school software? E-enrol will be available for demos in early December – to register you interest, please complete this form.