Engaging with members during COVID-19 with Centaman’s Wordfly integration

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Engaging with members during COVID-19 with Centaman’s Wordfly integration

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect countries all over the globe, it raises so many questions as to the future of the industry. Thankfully, Australia and New Zealand have done wonders to do our bit in flattening the curve.

But in the meantime we still have some ways to go before we’re completely back to our old ways, so it’s now more critical than ever to focus on a communication strategy and regularly touch base with your members. It’s important to remember that the lockdown is not the death of customer engagement! In fact, self-isolation has encouraged engagement and connection on a scale we haven’t seen for a very long time.

Luckily, Centaman makes communicating to your members easier than ever with our Wordfly integration. Wordfly is a popular, user-friendly email and SMS marketing platform that makes marketing and communicating to your audience a cinch. The Centaman integration enables you to send ongoing campaigns or one-off email campaigns directly to your database.

In times of COVID-19, keeping in touch with your database with carefully strategized communications is crucial for maintaining the relationships you worked so hard to build.

Sleek marketing emails made easy

Wordfly makes it so simple to create and send eye-catching emails that drive results. It features a user-friendly drag and drop editor so you can customise your campaigns to suit your audience, and a responsive email designer with a mobile-first design focus to ensure your campaigns look sleek on any device. Poor email responsiveness and design is one of the key factors that will impact your campaign results so it’s crucial to find a platform that can effectively manage this.

Marketing automation at its finest

Using the Wordfly integration, you can set up automated ongoing campaigns to send to your members at key points in their customer journey with your centre. Pre-COVID-19, these campaigns may have been “we haven’t seen you in a while” campaigns triggered after a set amount of time passes where a member doesn’t visit your centre. Campaigns like this are so valuable in keeping your members engaged.

Now in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic, these campaigns might start to look a little different. Perhaps one of your strategies for delivering value to your members during self-isolation is an at-home exercise or sports program that they’ve paid to gain access to. Setting up an automated campaign within Wordfly is such an effective way to send the weekly programs, meals, guides, video links – you name it! – to your members. These campaigns can be sent on a scheduled basis, such as every week on Monday, containing all the program content for that week to a targeted list of members who are participating in the program. Simple, right?

Quick and easy once-off campaigns

Creating and sending once-off campaigns during this time is so important for your business. Not only is it an essential communication method for updates around your hours and availability, but it’s the best way to target promotions or specific updates to your members. For instance, you might choose to host online group fitness classes, offer telehealth physiotherapy appointments, or hire out some of your equipment for a fee to your members.

All of these can be communicated in once-off campaigns as part of a broader communication strategy. You might choose to launch and promote your online group fitness classes for two weeks to truly give it the limelight it deserves, before moving on to another offer to launch. This way you won’t dilute the messaging in either of your campaigns while simultaneously preventing communication fatigue for your members.

Centaman makes sending these campaigns to your database so super simple thanks to its seamless integration. Simply use the database and lists you’ve built in Centaman and link them to your Wordfly campaign.

List management in Centaman

Centaman is the hub for your Wordfly marketing data! You can build segmented member lists within Centaman and keep your customer records and data clean to best optimise the results of your campaigns. For instance, if you receive a bounce back for an inactive email address, Wordfly will detect this and display it in Centaman for your staff to see. They can then get in touch with this member via the phone to make sure their record is up-to-date and they receive your important communications.

To learn more about Centaman’s easy to use and effective marketing integration, Wordfly, click here.