Feature Focus: Membership Packages

mum and daughter in leisure centre

Feature Focus: Membership Packages

Your members are so important to your business, so how can you ensure that you keep them happy and reward them for their loyalty? Membership packages give you the perfect opportunity to offer flexibility to your members while delivering value. Using Centaman’s membership management software, you can build and design membership packages that are more lucrative for your members.

The tiered package

Offering tiered packages is the best way to appeal to a range of members, from those that have a lower budget to spend on a membership to those that would love to spend as much as they like as long as they receive excellent value and perks.

Using Centaman’s membership management software, you can structure membership tiers that offer your members more flexibility and features in their sign-up. Your tiers could range from bronze, to sliver, to platinum – or any other tier structure that will suit your brand. Each package increases in cost, but for that extra spend, your member would receive more value for their membership investment.

These perks could be almost anything you can dream of thanks to the customisable nature of the feature. For instance, you might choose to offer bronze members access to the gym and swimming pool. Platinum members would be eligible for many more perks including access to the gym sauna, group fitness classes, two free guest passes and a discount on purchases within your leisure centre to top it all off.

The family package

Designing family packages gives you the opportunity to reach a new market and offer something that will work for the entire family! With a family membership package, often the kids won’t want to be going to the gym, and maybe the dad doesn’t love going to the group fitness classes.

You can customise your family memberships to offer a wide range of passes within the membership and find something that will suit them best. For instance, the dad may choose to take the gym pass, the mum might choose to take the swimming pass, the son might choose to take the swimming class pass, and the daughter might like the aerobics class pass. It’s fun for the whole family!

For families, the value they can get in a membership package is second to none, and given that the memberships are commonly offered at a discounted rate they instantly become a more affordable option – something all families are conscious of!

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