Four reasons your leisure centre should take bookings, pronto

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Four reasons your leisure centre should take bookings, pronto

Letting customers book your resources is one of the best things you can do for your leisure facility, local council, recreation or aquatic centre. Whether you have badminton courts, a lap pool, or a spare room for events, you should have the ability to book them out to guests or your members efficiently and seamlessly. Say goodbye to scribbling down bookings in a leather-bound ledger – leisure centre software is all you need.

1. Maximise the use of your courts

The number one benefit of booking out resources such as your sports courts, is maximising their usage. You may have courts with multiple purposes already designed to make efficient use of space in your facility – maybe it doubles as a netball court and a basketball court.

With Centaman, you can maximise their usage by booking out the available spaces to your guests through your front desk or through an online module. Centaman’s intelligent system makes it easy to see which resources are already booked to avoid any double-booking hassles, and helps you avoid any inefficient half-hour gaps.

2. Hire out personal trainers and coaches

Centaman’s leisure centre software doesn’t just help with booking out your sports courts, it also helps manage your personal trainers and coaches’ bookings.

Your members and guests can reserve your trainers’ time by booking sessions or lessons with them. This will help your trainers stay on top of their schedules and plan for any upcoming sessions.

3. Lock-in guaranteed revenue

Booking out your facility to sports teams for a season is a great way to secure guaranteed income. The process is made simple and easy with repeat-pattern bookings – a Centaman tool that enables you to reserve a court for a particular team every Tuesday night and Saturday morning, for example, for their training sessions and game days.

You can secure a steady and predictable income stream through Centaman’s split booking tool as well. This feature gives you the ability to invoice the team every fortnight, month, or season depending on your customer’s needs.

4. Host birthday parties and events

If you’re looking to expand your business and make use of vacant rooms in your facility, why not hire them out for birthday parties or events on weekends? You can decide which days and times that the room is available. For instance, it may be free on Saturdays at 10am, 2pm and 4pm for kids’ parties. If your customer would like to book the space, they can select one of the pre-set times and book at either the front counter or with Centaman’s online module. Simple!

If you’re hosting an event that will pull a crowd, you can sell tickets through Centaman to manage the capacity in your facility. For example, if you set your maximum capacity to 200 people, you will not be able to sell more than 200 tickets so you won’t need to stress about overcrowding ever again.