Introducing the new Jonas Leisure website

Jonas Leisure website Centaman

Introducing the new Jonas Leisure website

A freshly re-designed Jonas Leisure website is now live at, featuring improvements to the visitor experience and new information to help our customers learn about our range of software solutions, including Centaman.

The new website has a new attractive design as one of the goals was to re-invigorated the site’s look and feel. From the website’s new home page, you can now select the business type which best describes the environment you work in, whether it’s a swim school, fitness club or leisure facility.

Easy navigation is one of the main benefits. Our customers, such as leisure, aquatic or fitness centre owners, can now navigate to relevant information to find the right product for their needs, or learn about new solutions from the Jonas Leisure family.

A menu bar features each of Jonas Leisure’s products in brief, including Centaman, with a short summary of the benefits for your businesses. ‘Solutions’ pages are also featured on the menu bar as an easy avenue for finding the best combination of products and helping your business reach new heights. These ‘solutions’ pages highlight how core products for managing gyms, leisure centres and aquatic facilities can be complemented by other Jonas Leisure add-on solutions.

Add-on products range from ‘Nutrition Complete’ software to help personal trainers get the best results for customers, to state-of the-art turnstiles and gates from Centaman Entrance Control that can secure leisure facilities in style. They can be used with other facility management software, and will help you get the most out of your business when combined with our core facility management solutions.

Each product also has its own introductory page so that you can learn more about its intended use and the benefits it can bring to your business. There’s also a news page where you can find out how we’re supporting the industry, read our latest media releases and get updates on events like Jonas Leisure Roadshows and industry awards.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore the new Jonas Leisure website now.