Leisure facility rentals made easy for your customer

volleyball court leisure facility rental

Leisure facility rentals made easy for your customer

Have you ever struggled through a complicated leisure facility booking process where details are lost and miscommunications are made? It can be frustrating for both your team and your customers. Guests expect a simple booking process where they feel properly looked after so they can continue to hire your leisure facility time and time again.

Centaman has streamlined the booking process with our leisure management software and eliminated the hassle for both you and your customers, so that you can breathe easy when hiring out your leisure, aquatic and fitness facilities and ensure a positive customer experience.

1. Offer options with Repeat Pattern Bookings

Repeat Pattern Booking will allow you to make complicated booking patterns stress-free. You can simply supply your facility at your client’s requested times with zero hassle and maximum customer happiness.

Perhaps your leisure facility is an indoor volleyball court that your customer needs to hire on a pattern type basis. For instance, they require the facility for training on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights from 5pm – 8pm for a period of six months. This can all be achieved through your leisure management software.

2. Make invoicing easier with Split Bookings

Split Booking is the perfect complimentary feature to Pattern Bookings. Why? Because Split Bookings is designed to make the invoicing process easier for both yourself and your client. From Centaman you can select how regularly your client is invoiced over their hire period.

For instance, perhaps a sports club wants to hire your facility for a whole term for volleyball training, but would like to be invoiced on a monthly basis. This can be achieved with Centaman’s Split Booking feature and an invoice confirmation can be sent straight to your client.

3. Provide Booking Confirmations

Clients expect to receive booking confirmations when making a booking in absolutely any industry – and especially if they hire your leisure facility. It’s even better when the whole process is paperless.

A booking confirmation, an invoice, or an invoice request can be sent directly from Centaman to your client for a simpler, more efficient experience. Sending a confirmation or invoice via email means it will never get lost in the sea of paperwork, making booking simple and seamless for both you and your customers.

4. Keep up-to-date with Correspondence

Perhaps you own or run several facilities, all of which are in high demand and are being booked left, right and centre. We understand how complex it can be to juggle so many bookings and keep up to date with what actions have been taken.

With the Centaman Correspondence feature, you are able to keep track of and record any booking correspondence. Centaman tracks the date, time stamps and who has made the entry – meaning you won’t have to go rifling through loose papers to find basic details! Correspondence also allows you to create a Next Step, or a follow up item, so that you can take action and assign a user responsible for the job’s completion within your leisure management software. This means those little tasks won’t go overlooked any longer.

5. Stay on track with Standard Checklist

Both internal and external checklists are simple to set-up and send – most conveniently they can be pre-programmed depending on the booking type. A customer who has booked your facility for their wedding will likely want a checklist to keep on top of their overflowing priorities. This external checklist feature ensures the customer is aware of when booking confirmations needs to be signed and when deposits are due.

Likewise, the Bookings Officer always has booking deposits to confirm and public liability insurances to sight. Having an internal Centaman checklist ready will ensure that all jobs can be accounted for and completed as necessary.

6. Set boundaries with Crowd Management

Exceeding capacity can be a big concern for both the facility and the client. This can impact public liability insurance policies and disgruntle your guests due to overcrowding.

Centaman’s Crowd Management feature prevents all of these setbacks from happening. If a client goes to book a meeting room for 55 people, where the capacity states 50 people maximum, then an exceeded booking prompt will pop up. The client can either choose to alter their attendance numbers in that instant or select another of your available facilities.

These are just some of the helpful leisure facility rental and booking tips available from Centaman. For friendly advice and information on how we can help you, please feel free to contact us directly.