The way of the future: making your leisure centre cashless

Going cashless in your leisure centre or swim school

The way of the future: making your leisure centre cashless

Using your leisure centre software to turn your facility from a cash dependent centre into an entirely cashless centre is such a great way to elevate the guest experience for your members. It makes you so easy to do business with and gives them the convenience they crave. Who really wants to carry their wallet around when they’re about to jump in the pool for a swimming class?

Centaman’s leisure centre software can turn you into a cashless facility in no-time flat!

Going cashless with leisure centre software

What does going cashless actually mean? It doesn’t mean swapping hard coin for credit cards. Nope, going cashless is all about completely frictionless payments that can be made within your centre. Using Centaman, a member just needs to load their desired amount of cash onto either their wristband or membership card so they can have cash on them without having to lug around a wallet. It means no cash handling or till counting for your staff (and say goodbye to frustrations when the till doesn’t balance!)

Giving your members the convenience of cashless payments in your leisure centre means they are going to be so much more likely to make purchases. No-one wants to carry hard cash around during a workout or a swimming class meaning they will often leave their wallets in their cars – impacting the sales and revenue within your centre. Having cash loaded onto their membership card or wristband means there’s are almost zero roadblocks stopping them from purchasing a coffee in your café, hiring a locker for their gym gear, or buying a drink bottle from your front desk.

Share the cashless love

If you’re a family friendly leisure centre, families will be a huge portion of your clientele, and they need to make easy, cashless payments more than anyone! From your front desk, a member can share their account with their whole family. They can choose to load a set amount onto their partner’s or child’s membership card or band so they too can make purchases within your centre. It’s super simple to set up and the ability to load a set amount onto a child’s card means parent’s have control over their kids spending.

Your members can also purchase gift cards for your leisure or aquatic centre. This means they pass this gift card to a friend to use and try out your centre. Who knows, you might even end up with a new member because of it! They can top up the gift card with any amount they like, such as $100.

Bonus money!

Gifting bonus cash to your members through promotions is a great incentive to keep them engaged with your centre. It works with cashless by offering bonus money to your members through a bonus cash system whenever a member does something worth a reward. This could be when they sign up for a direct debit membership or refer-a-friend to your centre. They will then get a $10 cash bonus to use within your centre.

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