Making your leisure centre more kid friendly

Centaman leisure centre software make your lesiure centre more kid-friendly

Making your leisure centre more kid friendly

Families and children make up the biggest portion of your member base, so making sure your leisure centre is as kid-friendly as possible to keep the largest chunk of your customer base happy is a priority. So what strategies can you start actioning today to make your centre the best it can be for your littlest members? Read on for tips and tricks from your leisure centre software.

Kids and parents classes

Make your classes fun for the whole family and have a few group fitness classes in your timetable that are for both parents and their kiddos. This might be mums ‘n’ bubs Pilates, parent and child aerobics sessions, or swimming classes.

Another angle you could take with your group fitness classes is making sure any children’s classes line up with an adult group fitness class, so the parents can multi-task by getting their work-out in while their child enjoys their own class. When families are so busy, you need to make sure you have plenty of options available so you can make their day as easy as possible.

Family-focussed employees

When it comes to providing an amazing guest experience for your members, big and small, start with your staff. When your centre has so many young people as customers, hiring patient and family-focussed staff should be at the top of the job requirements.

Host special training days with your staff to make sure they’re all up-to-date on techniques so they can help the kids get the most out of their classes and keep the parents reassured that their children are in very capable hands!

Create a caring creche

A creche is one of the biggest assets your leisure centre can offer to create one of the best guest experiences for the parents. It’s no secret that being a parent to a young child can be tough work and finding a bit of time for yourself is near impossible. Some parents even feel riddled with guilt for leaving their child to go to a fitness class.

Take the guilt and stress out of the equation completely by creating a creche that is built around nurturing the little minds in your care, and giving them plenty of activities and stimulation to keep them entertained while their parents get their workout in. Try scheduling orientations to show the parents around your creche and help the child get settled into the routine. Encourage them to arrive early before their class and have a conversation with them about different strategies to help their little-y get settled.

Safety first

Whenever children are involved in your business, taking a safety first approach is always best. Particularly when families and children are the biggest target market at your leisure centre. Make sure you do regular checks around your centre and fix up anything that could be a hazard to a small child.

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