Product spotlight: Streamline your stocktake with Centaman

streamline your stocktake with leisure management software

Product spotlight: Streamline your stocktake with Centaman

In the leisure and fitness industry, making sure you have a handle on what you’ve got in stock with is important to ensure your shelves are filled with your most popular items and you aren’t ordering too many of those products customers purchase less often. But stocktake can be a tough time when you are busy. It can mean long hours, and it often coincides with a mad rush to update prices at the end of the financial year.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Assessing and updating the products you have in stock can be achieved quickly and easily across the facilities you manage with good leisure management software.

Most organisations have stocktakes at least once a year in order to know what they have in their inventory and find out if stock has been affected through theft, breakages, or shortfalls in deliveries.

Managing your stocktake using Centaman can save you a lot of hassle. Ideally, you would create a new stocktake in the system just before you want to count the stock. This allows Centaman to take a ‘snapshot’ of what stock you have on hand, at the time the counting begins.

Once you have set up the stocktake in Centaman, you can print tailored count lists for checking physical stock, or even integrate a barcode scanner if you have large amounts of stock to assess.

Manual count lists can be printed once you have set up the stocktake

streamline your stocktake

Centaman’s stocktake feature links in seamlessly with point of sale. Once your stocktake is processed, the revised amount of stock will be updated in Centaman and visible to staff overseeing sales as well as for those in the back office so everyone knows how much stock is available in the warehouse as well as at the front counter.

Checking variance in products helps to align your system with the amount of physical stock in your warehouse

streamline your stocktake

Once any variances are confirmed, the system will update the product amounts to show across your terminals

streamline your stocktake

Centaman can also be integrated with a stocktake app known as MobiStock, which can help facilities to streamline the stocktake process using an ipad or iphone.

Integrating with MobiStock can allow you to automate the counting of stock, entry of data into Centaman, and even process delivery dockets so stock can be entered directly into your system when it is received.

If you want help handling stocktake with Centaman, Jonas Leisure has put together step-by-step instructions. Read the handy guide to performing a stocktake.

If you are looking to integrate the MobiStock app with Centaman, a MobiStock implementation guide and helpful video on using MobiStock are also available.

These are just some of the helpful leisure facility stocktake tips available from Jonas Leisure. For friendly advice and information on how we can help you, please feel free to contact us directly.