Run a successful promotion using your leisure management software

Run a promotion using Centaman's leisure management software

Run a successful promotion using your leisure management software

Running promotions in your leisure centre or aquatic centre is a time-tested way to generate interest in your facility and drive sales for your business – plus it’s super easy to do with your leisure management software.

What promotions can do for your business

It’s no secret that everyone loves a deal. Offering savings or added value along the way is a sure-fire way to keep members keen. Promotions also help attract new customers to your facility and can help persuade them to try a class or a program.

The key to a successful promotion it to create hype and anticipation around it. The way to achieve this is by only running the promotion for a short and fixed amount of time, such as a week. This creates a sense of urgency for your customers which encourages them to take action sooner rather than later.

How to run a promotion with Centaman

The good news is Centaman’s leisure management technology can help you get started so you can run your promotions from your point of sale with ease. Firstly, ensure you specify a start and end date in Centaman – from here you can build your promotion.

You can specify the details of the promotion, such as if you’d like to prompt your cashier to add the promotion, if there’s any price adjustment, whether a coupon is required to activate the promotion, or if a member needs to make the purchase to be eligible for the deal.

Centaman Promotions set up

Promotion ideas you can implement today

There are so many kinds of promotions you can create to capture a customer’s interest. Centaman enables you to build some of the most popular kinds of promotions, including offers for members only, discounts, or two for one deals just to name a few.

For a member only promotion, why not discount one of your programs, such as an eight-week challenge, just for your members? At the point of sale, the cashier can scan your member’s card then select purchase and the promotion will automatically apply. Discounts are a tried and true way of generating interest from members and new customers. You can choose to discount classes, services, items in your centre’s store or café.

Also, a classic two for one promotion is a great way to add value to your customer’s purchase, and can help you move stock when you need to. Why not offer this kind of promotion on clothing items in your leisure centre’s store? Alternatively, you could encourage potential customers to try your facility by offering a two for one deal on admission.

Using your leisure management software to run successful promotions is one of the best ways you can help generate more engagement from your members and revenue for your business. Go ahead, start a promotion today!