How to re-engage your customers with leisure centre software

Centaman how to reengage customers with leisure centre software

How to re-engage your customers with leisure centre software

No matter who your member is, their guest experience is always at the top of your priority list. Particularly when you get an influx of new members joining your leisure centre or swim school, it’s important not to forget your existing members. As soon as they’re forgotten, that’s when they start to drop off before you even have a chance to try and retain them. So what can you do to re-engage your existing members using your leisure centre software, and make sure they don’t head for the door?

Keep in touch using email marketing

Communicating with your members is an absolute must and keeping them engaged with your leisure centre could mean the difference between staying or leaving. Centaman’s leisure centre software is integrated closely with an email marketing system, Wordfly, so you can keep in touch with your members at timely moments.

Within Wordfly, you can create ongoing campaigns that run according to a set calendar. For instance, you can create generic email templates with Wordfly for ‘we miss you’ campaigns, birthdays, and enrolment notices if one of your members hasn’t visited your leisure centre within 3 months or so. These kinds of campaigns are set and forget style emails, which you can set up just once to a run on a customisable schedule according to the data in Centaman. You can also set up once-off campaigns for any promotions or launches you have coming up. Email marketing is still such an effective marketing tool to have in your kit, so be sure to use it and keep those customers engaged!

Keep up-to-date with customer feedback

Imagine a member gives you constructive criticism on their experience at your centre and their voice goes unheard. How likely do you think that member will stick around much longer? Even when customer feedback may be difficult to implement, or even unjustified, that customer still likes to feel heard and understood. As a result, they’ll be a much more engaged member of your gym in the long run.

Centaman’s memberships module has a built-in communication feature, called Correspondence. This feature records when members have contacted your centre and allows staff to take notes of any member requests. These notes can be analysed regularly to help you paint a better picture of why and when customers get in touch, and what ongoing support they may need.

The Correspondence feature also integrates directly with Wordfly to provide an easy way to manage communication with current (and potential) members. If an email address is no longer active when an automated membership reminder is sent out, this will be detected by Wordfly and displayed in Centaman, allowing staff to identify bounce backs and get in touch with the member via phone to update their details.

This integration makes things easier for customer service staff too. If a member tells you they didn’t get an email, staff can check if the customer was included in the list, or identify if the email was received so the member can check if it was filtered to their junk mail folder.

Create a community and reward your members

If you run a swim school, host awards nights to celebrate the successes of your students over the term or program. Acknowledging such achievements shows how much you appreciate and value your members and creates a community feel which many people seek out in a centre. No matter if your students are predominantly children or adults, they will love the time to socialise with other students, your staff, and collectively celebrate the milestones they’ve achieved together.

Building a sense of community in your swim school and harbouring that good will is an excellent means to keep existing members engaged and attract new students to your centre and encourage referrals.

These are just a few tips and tricks to make your customer journey and guest experience the best it can be with Centaman’s membership management software. To learn more about our leisure centre software, please feel free to get in touch.