4 ways to skyrocket staff motivation and watch retention soar today!

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4 ways to skyrocket staff motivation and watch retention soar today!

It’s an all too common story: You’ve worked hard to build a team of reliable, capable, and (quite frankly) irreplaceable employees. Then, all of a sudden, they up and leave, and you find yourself re-building your team from scratch. Unfortunately, high staff turnover is frequent in the leisure industry, so don’t feel alone! With all this in mind, what are some strategies you can implement today to skyrocket your staff retention, and keep those irreplaceable employees for longer?


If you want your employees to stick around longer, you will need to have a plan in place and give them something worth staying for. Something they can’t say no to! This could be as simple as a team lunch once a month, health benefits such as access to physiotherapy, or a team meeting once a week where someone is rewarded for being a valuable team player.

If you want to think more long term with your incentives, bonuses, extended holidays, more responsibility such as taking a new group fitness class are some very desirable ideas your staff will find hard to resist. For your sales team, make sure you have a fair commission scheme in place to motivate them to pursue leads for your leisure centre and close sales.


Perhaps your employee went above and beyond to help a member, took initiative to solve a problem in your club, or stayed back late to support other team members? Don’t let the good deeds fall to the wayside and left unrecognised. It can be very unmotivating for an employee when they work diligently to achieve amazing things for your leisure centre and their efforts go unnoticed. They don’t need the world delivered to them on a silver platter to feel rewarded either! Sometimes all they need is a simple thank you to feel appreciated and valued.

Take a minute to thank them at your staff meetings, or thank them with a gesture such as a gift card, more responsibility, more rostered hours or even a promotion if they truly did wonderful things for your business!


When your staff know what’s expected of them, it’s so much easier for them to stay motivated in their role. They have direction so they don’t feel lost in their day-to-day. It’s also so much easier to set these expectations right from the beginning so an employee understands what is expected of them from the first day they step into the role.

Setting these expectations in the form of KPIs will give your staff something to benchmark themselves against and give them direction and a goal to work towards. When left to wander aimlessly through their role day to day is when demotivation starts to blossom.

Goals also give you as a business owner a clear and measurable idea of an employee’s contribution to your centre. For example, set sales targets for your sales team members. Not only will it give them something to prove how wonderful they are and give them a sense of achievement and success, it will also enable you to see their worth.

4.      BE A LEADER

If you want to skyrocket your team’s motivation and overall retention, be the leader you would want to follow. Be approachable, calm and collected to inspire confidence in your team. If a problem arises, communication is everything and the last thing you will want is a team that is too timid to voice their concerns or opinions to you.

Foster conversations and invest in employee development. You will be surprised by the amazing minds you have in your business and the passion to help make the centre a better place for both members and employees alike.

These are just a few tips and tricks from Centaman to help you motivate your team through great leadership. To learn more about our club management software, please feel free to get in touch.