Streamline your centre by going cashless

Go cashless with your leisure centre software

Streamline your centre by going cashless

Going cashless in your leisure or aquatic centre isn’t just easy and convenient for your customers, it’s also beneficial for your business. The best part? Your leisure centre software can help. With Centaman, you can go cashless in your leisure or aquatic centre, so you never have to worry about handling bulky cash again.

What going cashless actually means

No more cash handling or till counting! It’s all about giving your members, your staff, and your facility a more streamlined approach to doing business. With Centaman, members can load a set amount of cash onto either their member card or a wristband so that they always have money with them if they decide to make a purchase within your facility – even if they’re swimming in the pool.

Cashless is the perfect way to avoid cash handling, plus offers a great convenience to your customers. They won’t need to carry their wallet around in the centre, yet they still have the freedom to purchase whatever they like. Whether it’s enjoying a coffee in your café, hiring a locker, or paying for a google, they can do it all using the money loaded onto their card or wristband.

Purchase gift cards

Perhaps one of your member’s friends has been interested in trying your centre for a while. You have classes that really appeal to them and at times that appeal to them. Your member can purchase them a gift card with either a set amount of their choosing, such as $50 or $100 or top up to any amounts they like.

This gives your new potential member a chance to try out your facility while generating a little extra revenue for your business.

Share with family and friends

Sharing with family is very important to your members. When your members bring their kids along, they want them to enjoy your centre just as much as they do.

At the front counter, members can share their single account with family and load a set-amount of money onto their child’s card so that if their son or daughter wants to run along and buy a treat in your café, they can. It’s Simple and easy, and “the set limit” gives the parents the ability to control their children’s spending.

Why discount memberships? Use bonus money instead!

As a business, you know that running promotions helps captivate interest and generate engagement. You can use cashless to your advantage and offer bonus money to your members through a bonus cash system. For example, when signing up for a direct debit membership, Centaman allows your member to have $15 bonus cash to spend at the centre.

Using your leisure centre software to go cashless is the best thing you can do to streamline your facility, and offer effortless convenience for your customers.