Feature spotlight: Streamline your swim school with Centaman

Centaman swim school software

Feature spotlight: Streamline your swim school with Centaman

Swimming and water safety programs can be both life-changing and life-saving for participants. But running them well can take some serious time and effort. There are swim teachers to co-ordinate, class times to arrange, and progress reports to be created, not to mention the regular juggling required to cater to students’ requests to opt in and out of programmes or change the class they are attending.

Fortunately, there’s a Jonas Leisure software solution that can help ease the burden. Centaman is a complete aquatic facility and leisure management software solution including built-in swim school software. Read on to explore some of the ways Centaman can help your swim school.

Reduce administrative hassle, day by day

Centaman allows swim coaches and water safety teachers to focus on helping their students learn the essential water skills they need by making day to day administration easy.

Helpful features in Centaman include easy to use templates to manage enrolments in courses and classes. Single or group enrolments can be made quickly and easily over the counter or online, reducing the need for staff to enter participants’ data in multiple locations.

The attendance module allows students to register their attendance with a card scan at the turnstile or point of sale, and an option for absent students to receive ‘make-up credits’ to compensate for classes they have missed is also built in.

Swim school software

Report on progress and business performance

If you are looking for insights into how your swim school is performing, look no further.

Comprehensive business analysis and reporting helps swim school providers to track, monitor, grow and develop the programs they offer their communities. Centaman offers smooth reporting on class attendance, students’ progress, enrolments, classes and financials. These reports can be viewed in your web browser or in the Centaman School Management System itself.

Centaman can also be used to increase visibility of course progress, allowing swim teachers and managers to view progress at a glance through an easy search.

Swim school software Centaman

Stay in touch with your students

As any business will tell you, it’s important to stay in touch with your existing customers to ensure they are satisfied and keep on coming back. While personal messages add a lot of value, they can also take up valuable staff time. Automating contact with swim school customers can allow your staff to make consistent contact with minimal effort.

Centaman is integrated with WordFly email software. This makes it easy to set up nifty automated messages like welcome and confirmation emails, special offers, enrolment reminders, invoices, and newsletters. You can even automate happy birthday cards and messages to your students!

Set things up as you want to continue

Setting up efficient swim school software from the outset can help swim schools set up efficiently for the future, so it’s important to consider how administrative costs can be reduced when it comes to setup time.

Managing enrolments at the start of a new term is busy enough without having to set up new databases from scratch or repeat tedious tasks. Centaman utilities such as bulk enrolment and bulk templating can take the pressure off staff by allowing them to make big changes very quickly.

Support is also on call if you ever need a hand. Jonas Leisure has a friendly support team that is here to help, with services including telephone support and on-site consultation.

If you’d like to find out more about how Centaman can support your swim school or course, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you are an existing user wanting to maximise the value you are getting from the Centaman School Management System, make sure to check out this handy webinar offering advice on setting up your swim school software.