Your business online with membership management software

Your business online with membership management software

Are you looking for membership management software to streamline the sign-up process and fast track turning potential members into customers asap? The world lives online – and so does your target audience – so why not take your business online too? Not only will you make yourself easier to do business with than ever, you’ll provide a seamless sign-up experience for new and current members alike. So what exactly is ePass and how can you make it work for your leisure centre?


First impressions are everything – and that extends to how you present your business online. Your customers look for convenience and signs of superb service from the first moment they interact with your business whether it’s online or in your leisure centre face-to-face with your staff. You should always consider how you present your brand online, regardless of whether it’s your social media, your website or your online membership sign-up tool.


Centaman’s ePass module allows your members to pre-purchase and register their leisure centre membership online. Both new and existing members can use ePass to manage their membership. ePass is designed to give your customers the convenience they crave.

For existing members, it gives them an easy way to renew their membership, since when they buy or renew their leisure centre membership using your membership management software, their details, and the transaction details automatically update in your Centaman system. Your leisure centre staff don’t need to be involved in the transaction process, so they can give their full attention to giving the members who are in your leisure centre the ultimate guest experience.

While the ePass module is hosted by Centaman, it still looks and feels exactly like your own website, so it’s a seamless and on-brand experience for your customers. While browsing your website, your soon-to-be member simply needs to click “join” and they’re taken to the ePass online module which looks and feels like your website! From here, your customer just needs to register online by selecting the membership type they’d like, pay through the module and finally receive a temporary pass. All they need to do now is bring this pass into your leisure centre upon their first visit so they can receive their official membership wristband or card from your helpful staff. Did someone say seamless experience?


We can’t forget about your existing members though! Once you build a relationship with your members, it’s so important to continue adding value to that relationship and keeping it strong. Giving them a way to renew and manage their membership online is just one way to give them a convenient experience with your centre.

From Centaman, you can push-out an automated prompt to your member reminding them to renew their membership before it expires and link to the ePass module. All they need to do is click the link and log in, select “renew” and pay for any outstanding payments upfront. It’s quick and hassle-free so they don’t feel held up by the process.


Yep, you can meet the membership requirements of entire families with ePass. Your members can choose to purchase a family membership, and choose different packages and membership types within that family membership. For example, your member may love attending body pump classes, so they choose your 12-month membership option. Their son on the other hand likes to attend swimming lessons on a casual basis over the summer holidays. Your member can choose a ten-class swimming pass for their son within the one account so it can all be billed in one place.

This works since if one of your members already has their own account, they can choose to register and add their children or other family members to their account so all the memberships can be managed from one place.

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