Winning tips for member referral programs

gym member referrals

Winning tips for member referral programs

Looking to build a winning gym member referral programs to attract new members to your leisure centre or swim school? There are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to build the best campaign possible, including using Centaman’s leisure centre software. It’s a powerful tool for keeping track of member referrals!

Create an amazing experience for existing members

If you want to encourage more referrals to your leisure centre or swim school, start by turning your attention to your existing members – these are the people you need to win over first and foremost. They need to love coming to your centre every other day. Their amazing experience stretches to every touch point they have with your business including the facilities, your staff, and the administration processes from payments to membership renewals and more.

If they aren’t too happy with your club and there are obvious areas for improvement, work on trouble-shooting their problems and finding solutions for them that will help improve their experience with your club. It will do wonders for transitioning them from an unhappy member who might be about to leave, to a happy member ready to refer new business to your centre.

Build a better refer-a-friend campaign

This referral method is tried and true – however, a lot of gyms and leisure centres build refer-a-friend campaigns which only benefit the friend (your new member) and neglects the person who referred them in the first place. Your existing member should be rewarded just as much as the new member since they are responsible for bringing this wonderful new business to your leisure centre.

Creating a refer-a-friend campaign that benefits everyone involved will work wonders for your centre and show true value to your customers. Think about what you can offer both the friend and the existing member that would deliver value to them both. For the friend, perhaps it’s 30 days free or a complimentary personal training session? And for the existing member, maybe it’s a free nutrition plan or a complimentary group fitness class?

Keep track of every referral with leisure centre software

It’s so important once you have a new referral that you keep track of this valuable information. Just like with any new customer, it’s so important for your future marketing efforts to understand how you acquired them. Did they find your centre on Google and decide to call up? Were they scrolling through Facebook one day and come across an ad for your business? Or were they a referral by one of your loyal members?

With Centaman’s recreation centre software, you can keep track of these important details using referrals, flexibility of user defined fields and integration Wordfly gives you a comprehensive solution to keep track of referrals and converting them to Members.

Host a new members day for everyone

Finally, host a new members day at your centre where new referees and members can pop in and try out your facility and meet the personal trainers, reception staff, and take a few classes. You can turn the day into an event where you host competitions and hold nutrition or sports focussed seminars to generate a bit of buzz in the centre. It’s a great way to make a winning first impression with new referees and treat the existing members that refereed them.

These are just a few tips and tricks to help you build up your gym member referral programs. Book a demo today to learn more about Centaman’s leisure centre software.