Are you ready for EOFY?

man counting boxes of stock

Are you ready for EOFY?

End of financial year is fast approaching and you’re probably starting to think about how to prepare. While it may seem like prepping for EOFY can be a chore, with Centaman’s leisure centre management software you can streamline the process to get the time consuming tasks out of the way more quickly. So how can Centaman help you reach the 30 June finish line?

Stocktake like a champion

Stocktake is a huge part of wrapping up the financial year and, depending on how much stock you carry, it can also chew up your valuable time. If your centre sells merchandise and equipment, or has a café, ensuring you have a streamlined stocktake process will save you hours! EOFY also gives you the perfect opportunity to evaluate which products flew off your shelves which you should stock again, and which products collected dust and are better off discontinued.

To make your life even easier, Centaman is integrated with MobiStock, an application that enables you to do a stocktake on any mobile device. MobiStock gives you the freedom to walk around your warehouse and update stock numbers on the spot. It’s much more efficient than printing out a count sheet, performing the count manually and updating the numbers in Stock & Inventory.

The best part about Centaman’s Stocktake is it updates the stock levels and helps you identify stock variance.

If you need help with performing a manual stocktake with Centaman, check out this handy step-by-step guide, or if you’d like to set up MobiStock, have a look at this implementation guide.

Update fees and charges

With EOFY comes annual price rises, and the sometimes tedious task of updating the prices of your stock, services and memberships. It can turn into a large job, and one that normally needs to be completed out of hours so customers aren’t disrupted at the checkout.

Centaman’s software makes this process much easier by enabling you to update your prices in advance and schedule them to change over on your chosen date, such as July 1st. Your reception staff can work through a list of price changes and manually update them in the system gradually during quiet periods in your facility.

If you’re looking for an easier way to update the prices and fees in Bookings or Memberships, you are able to copy and paste the desired price change rule across your resources and membership types. Further to this Centaman has now introduced bulk price management with Booking Management system. This bulk update will allow you to control the price change via date as well as bulk copy existing charges.

Spring clean your system

A new financial year brings an opportunity for a fresh start. Take the opportunity to tidy up your system and delete any buttons you no longer use. Perhaps you have a type of membership that is no longer offered, or a stock item that is discontinued?

Suspending these unnecessary buttons from your Point of Sale will help your staff provide a quicker and more streamlined experience for your customers.

These are just a few tips and tricks for preparing for EOFY with Centaman. For a more detailed insight into performing a stocktake with your system, check out this in-depth stocktake blog.