Improving the customer journey in your swim school

young kids in a swim class

Improving the customer journey in your swim school

No matter if your swim school member is an adult or child, their guest experience is always at the top of your priority list. If you want to learn a few tips and tricks on how you can improve their customer journey, with the help of Centaman’s membership management software of course, read on.

Offer easy e-enrolments

Centaman offers an online enrolment tool which helps your swim school manage the on-boarding process and gives your new swim school members an easy experience by enabling them to complete their enrolment in courses or programs online.

E-enrol can also collect payments at the time of student enrolment, so the costs involved are clear to them and it also streamlines your own admin processes. Your staff won’t need to waste valuable hours chasing payments from customers when they could be spending their time engaging with the students in the swim school and ensuring they are having a great customer experience. To learn more about E-enrol, check out this blog.

When a member signs up using e-enrol, they’ll receive a welcome email and pack thanks to the power of Centaman’s integration with the innovative email marketing platform, Wordfly.

Keep in touch using Wordfly

Communicating with your students or their parents is an absolute must, and keeping them engaged with your business could mean everything to their loyalty. Centaman and Wordfly integrate seamlessly together so you can communicate with your students when you need to, or simply keep in touch.

Within Wordfly, you can create ongoing campaigns that run according to a set calendar. For instance, you can create generic email templates with Wordfly for birthdays, enrolment notices, and we miss you campaigns if a member hasn’t visited your swim school within 3 months or so.

Using the databases and lists from Centaman and linking them to Wordfly, you can effectively distribute these campaigns to your students. These kinds of emails are set and forget campaigns, which you can set up just once to a run on a customisable schedule according to the data in Centaman. You can also set up once-off campaigns for more creative marketing using the same Centaman integration with Wordfly.

Award your students

To ensure your students have a great guest experience and create a real community feel in your swim school host awards nights to celebrate the successes of your students over the term or program. No matter if your students are predominantly children or adults, they will love the time to socialise with your staff, other students, and collectively celebrate the milestones they’ve achieved together.

Building a sense of community in your swim school and harbouring that good will is an excellent means to attract new students to your centre and encourage referrals.

These are just a few tips and tricks to make your customer journey and guest experience the best it can be with Centaman’s membership management software. To learn more about our leisure centre software, please feel free to get in touch.