How you can stand out from the competition with Centaman

Stand out from the competition

How you can stand out from the competition with Centaman

Are you finding you’re having to fight tooth and nail with the competition? Are they swooping in and scooping up your leisure centre members? Are they circling with offers that you’re struggling to match, whether it’s on membership prices or nifty tech tools to better the guest experience?

Great news – your leisure centre software comes equipped with tech features you and your members will love. They’ll help you stand out from the crowd and help win members’ over from the pestering competition.


Going cashless is all about making your facility easy to do business with! It creates a more streamlined experience for your members. Who wants to worry about carrying their wallet while working out or jumping in the pool?

Centaman’s leisure centre software enables your members to load a set amount onto their member card or cashless wristband (super convenient if they’re using your pools) so they can make purchases within your centre. It’s a great way to avoid cash-handling and create that seamless experience for your members that they won’t be able to resist – even if your competitors are trying to undercut you on membership prices.


Using Centaman’s ePass module, your leisure centre members can renew their membership online. With Centaman, you can send an automated prompt to your member reminding them that it’s time to renew their membership. Your member can then log on to their profile, complete their membership renewal, and pay any outstanding payments then and there.

People are time-poor, so having a tool like ePass where they can log on and complete their membership admin at a time that suits them is invaluable. It will also make you stand out from the competitors that aren’t as savvy when it comes to making seamless, online experiences for their members. Keep in mind that customers can also register and purchase new memberships, and purchase family memberships. Click here to learn how ePass will work for your business.


They may not love to spend money, but customers do love to feel like they’re getting a great deal and value for their hard-earned cash. There’s nothing more appealing than an enticing offer to make them see value in your business. With Centaman’s leisure centre software, you can run effective promotions to stand out from the crowd when it comes to generating new gym leads and retaining your existing members.

Within Centaman, you can set discounts and special pricing that is automatically applied and calculated at the time of purchase. You can choose to run promotions that are solely discounts, promotions for members only, or two for one deals. Check out this blog to learn how you can set up promotions in Centaman today.

To learn more about how Centaman’s stand-out features can help you separate yourself from the competition, get in touch!